Warm Earth: History & About Us

About Us

We are a manufacturer of mineral makeup and color cosmetics which includes an Eye Shadow Collection, a Blush Collection, and an assortment of Cosmetic Brushes & Accessories. All of our blush and eyeshadow ingredients are as clean and pure as possible, with no added preservatives, oil-free, and fragrance-free which will not block the pores of the skin, where the skin can breathe naturally. We do not test our mineral makeup color line on animals.

All of our color cosmetics/mineral makeup are exclusively packaged in our own line of stoneware or porcelain made by Warm Earth Pottery. Each little ceramic vessel is hand-thrown, hand-glazed, high-fired, and then hand-filled with two grams of powder for the eye shadow line and eight grams of powder for the blush line of color cosmetics. No two pieces of pottery are identical and the pottery packaging is definitely something you will want to keep when the precious contents are finally all used.



Warm Earth Cosmetics was started in 1980 by California native, Douglas Leiker in 1980. After graduating from CSUC while studying under the guidance of Professor Jack Windsor in ceramics (particurlarly glaze calculations and functional ceramic design) he went on to create Warm Earth Pottery. It was in downtown Chico, California while in his retail location to sell his pottery, which was next to a Body & Bath retail outlet Douglas observed thousands of women purchasing mass quantities of makeup. He bagan looking at the cosmetic ingredients of various products and learned (to his suprise) that he knew many of the raw materials being used in color cosmetics due to his background in ceramics, especially in working with clay and glazes. This is when Douglas had an epiphany! Ahhhh........ he thought why not make my own cosmetics and package them in my own line of stoneware and porcelain pottery!!! No other company (to his knowledge at the time) was using high-end, hand-thrown, hand-glazed, high-fired stoneware and porcelain as a vessel for packaging color cosmetics in an exclusive manner. After a few years of research, product development and testing, Douglas finally started going to various trade shows across the nation where he established a network of sales reps to assist in marketing his products. 

Warm Earth Cosmetics has sold products across the USA, Central and South America, and to countries in Europe. While turning down various opportunities for growth and financial investment from outside the company -  the owner choose to maintain the size of the company. Warm Earth Cosmetics has maintained the core and wholesale business  to established clients and businesses for the past twenty years. Being a 'niche' business by creating an exclusive color cosmetics line of products, company growth continues at a pace controlled by the owner.

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